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    Letter: US Debt Out of Control

    24.04.14 , April 15), makes it sound as though our financial situation is rapidly improving: “the 2014 deficit will be the lowest in six years.” The latest estimate for the deficit from the Congressional Budget Office is $514 billion. When added to all our previous deficits, our national debt will be more than $17 trillion. The United States is often referred to as the richest country in the world. I don’t think so.

    Source: Valley News

    Candidate worries about growing federal debt


    A congressional candidate recently offered some news that might make a child never want to grow up.

    "A child born in America today will inherit $1.5 million in (federal) debt the moment they're placed in their mother's arms," John McCallum, a St. Simons Island resident who is running as a Republican for Congress, said in one campaign ad. "For children like mine, it’s not the American Dream. It’s the American nightmare."

    Source: PolitiFact

    Small government GOP Senate candidate has ties to stimulus


    Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue (R), whose campaign has focused on the need to cut federal spending, is on the board of a company that received millions of dollars from the federal stimulus program.

    Perdue has been on the Alliant Energy Corporation's board of directors since 2001. Since
    Source: The Hill (blog)

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    Debt-Scold Dynasty
    Debt-Scold Dynasty

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    Congressman wants ticking debt clock installed on House floor

    POV: Voters should put more focus on country's deficits and debt

    A national debt clock on the House floor?